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Everything you need for a great event ticketing experience.

Beautiful Customizable Pages See an Example

Create beautiful brand-able responsive ticket sales pages that work well for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Instant Payment

Sell tickets in any currency, and have the money deposited immediately, to your account using either Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Worldpay , Braintree , Square , Paymill, Alipay or CCAvenue.

Multi-channel Promotion

Promote your event on Facebook & Twitter, on your own website, with Event Reps, or via email campaigns.

Automated Reminders & Invitations

Schedule voice calls, emails or SMS that reminds or invites attendees to come to the event.

Mobile QR Code Tickets See an Example

Issue unique mobile QR Code tickets via email, passbook, or print.

Ticket Management

Enable attendees to purchase multiple tickets that they can easily give to others.

Ticket Validation

Validate tickets online or offline using our free apps for iOS, Android and Windows Desktop.


Integrate with other services such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Excel Online, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor to add attendees emails to your lists.

Attendee Management

Get access to your attendees' contact information that you can further use for marketing or export as CSV.


Get reports for ticket sales, revenues earned, marketing results, and attendee demographics.


Same low fee regardless of ticket price!



Frequently Asked Questions

You can create any type of event you want.

For Paid events - you can charge anything you want, and in any currency.

You first need to get your account eligible to create charity events by submitting this form (you need to be logged in).

Once approved, create the event by filling in all the relevant event setup forms.

Getting paid - attendees pay you directly. You need to have a way to receive the money. See the payment gateways we support. For example, if you enter your PayPal email address, then attendees will be sent to your PayPal page to pay you directly.

Yes, you can create events that repeat in various hours of the day, and even for those that go on for a few days.

You get paid immediately when an attendee purchases a ticket. All the money goes directly to the payment gateway that you use to charge for the tickets. There are no delays at all!

We support Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Braintree, Alipay, Paymill, Square, PayUMoney, PayU, Instamojo, CCAvenue and AsiaPay (PayDollar, SiamPay, PesoPay).

You can sell your tickets in any currency that the payment gateway supports.

Attendees pay for the tickets using their credit/debit cards.

Each payment gateway implements its own way of minimizing chargebacks. Generally the measures include 3D Secure (SecureCode / Verified by Visa), CVC (card verification code) or AVS (address verification system).

Yes. The service is made possible using Square Register POS (point-of-sale) system. Currently available in the US, Canada & UK.

Yes. The service is made possible using Square Register POS (point-of-sale) system. Currently available in the US & Canada.

Yes. We've automated and made the process simple. If a large number of attendees need to be refunded, simply turn on the Refund Feature for the ticket types you wish to refund.

For individual refunds, you can do that from the payment gateway's dashboard.

Yes, you can import attendees from a CSV list. You need at least their names and email addresses.

Imported attendees will receive an email with the ticket information.

Yes! All our tickets include a unique QR Code which are sent via email, and can be added to Android or Apple Passbook. They can also be printed.

Here's an example.

We provide a free smartphone scanner app for iOS and Android. Both apps can validate tickets either online or offline.

Alternatively, you can export the ticket IDs to a CSV file, and manually check in attendees.

Once a ticket has been validated using our smartphone apps, subsequent validation will be marked as invalid.

The reports that you get include ticket sales, revenues earned, marketing and demographic (age & gender) reports.

You can also track sales and other metrics using Google Analytics. Simply submit your tracking ID.

Yes, you can print tickets in advance. Simply open the file you'll be prompted to download and print.

Badges can be printed when the QR Code ticket has been scanned.

Note - we do not supply printers or other peripherals. You're solely responsible for that.

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